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Over 100 Scientists Call for ‘Vaccines-Plus’ COVID-19 Strategy for Verywell Health, January ’22

Op-Ed: Disabled People Can’t Learn to Live With COVID for Verywell Health, January ’22


Disabled People Feel Left out of U.K. COVID-19 Plans—Again for Verywell Health, December ’21

Op-Ed: It’s OK to Prioritize Your Health Over Socializing During the Holidays for Verywell Health, December ’21

FDA Approves Virtual Reality Device to Treat Chronic Pain for Verywell Health, December ’21

90% Of People With Endometriosis Report Not Being Believed by Doctors and Family for Verywell Health, December ’21

One Year On for The Unwritten, December ’21

Unvaccinated People Are Not Oppressed—They’re Dangerous for Verywell Health, November ’21

Uber Is Being Sued by Justice Department for Overcharging Disabled People for Verywell Health, November ’21

Ableism at COP26 Shows Disabled People Are Still an Afterthought for Verywell Health, November ’21

Pilot Program Shows Why We Need More Cervical Cancer Screenings for Trans Men for Verywell Health, November ’21

Why “Invisible Disabilities” are Anything but Invisible for Verywell Health, October ’21

It’s Unacceptable That Disabled People Still Can’t Access COVID Vaccines for Verywell Health, October ’21

What it’s Like to go Through a Chemical Menopause, for Verywell Health, October ’21

I spent 15 Years in Pain – Here’s What I Learned About the Gender Pain gap, for Verywell Health, October ’21

Disability, delays and disadvantage: the reality behind NHS waiting lists for The Flock, October ’21

It’s Ableist to Cut Pay of Work-From-Home Employees for Verywell Health, October ’21

What Long COVID Awareness Means for People With Chronic Illnesses for Verywell Health, September ’21

Recovery Diaries – 2 years sober for Healthline, September ’21

ACLU Lawsuit:  Banning Masks in Schools Harms Disabled Students for Verywell Health, September ’21

Spectrum 10k: Why Some Autistic People Are Hesitant About the New Autism Study for Verywell Health, September ’21

Kissing is More Than Just Sexual for Killing Kittens, September ’21

Famous Bi: Edna St Vincent Millay for Bi Org, September ’21

OnlyFans Suspends Explicit Content Ban, But Disabled Users Still Feel Betrayed for Verywell Health, August ’21

6 Tips for Coping With Hair Chronic Illness Related Hair Loss for Healthline, August ’21

Living With Undiagnosed Chronic Pain Is Hard, But Please Don’t Give Up for Healthline, August ’21

Can ‘WeThe15’ Campaign Help Disabled People? The Disability Community Isn’t So Sure for Verywell Health, August ’21

How To Watch The Tokyo Paralympics – And How Not To, Please for Huffpost UK, August ’21

How the Pandemic Made Journalism More Accessible to me for Verywell Health, August ’21

Some Disabled People Say Twitter’s New ‘Accessible’ Design Is Inaccessible for Verywell Health, August ’21

Why the Channel 4 Paralympics Advertising is Angering Disabled People for The Unwritten, August ’21

4 Things Disabled People Gained in the Pandemic and Don’t Want to Lose Now for Verywell Health, August ’21

The government’s Disability Strategy leaves a lot to be desired for The Flock, July ’21

Is the British TV industry finally facing its #MeToo moment? for The Flock, July ’21

This Is Not Freedom Day for Vulnerable Disabled People Like Me for The Spill, July ’21

In The Midst Of The Pandemic, Have Politicians Done Enough For Disabled People? for EachOther, July ’21

Surprise, I’m a Disabled Person for The Unwritten, July ’21

Benefits and disability: ‘I’ll never cohabit again, to protect myself’ for BBC News, July ’21

Managing Migraines for The Guardian (Print), July ’21

Britney’s account of forced contraception is all too real for disabled people for The Flock, June ’21

How My Chronic Illness Forced Me to Slow Down to Work Smart for Disabled Writers, June ’21

Disabled people miss out on millions in ESA benefits – but not for want of trying for Left Foot Forward, June ’21

Adena El-Amin, The Bold Type – 50 best LGBTQ+ TV characters since the Stonewall riots for Digital Spy digital magazine, June ’21

I’m Married To A Man And I Don’t Have To Prove My Bisexuality for Bi Org, May ’21

I’m Struggling Through my Latest Lupus Relapse – and That’s Okay to Admit for The Unwritten, May ’21

Working From Bed Isn’t Lazy. It’s Accessible for Rooted in Rights, April ’21

Why I don’t want things to go back to “Normal” for Conscious Being, April ’21

Glow Up season 3 is a groundbreaking piece of telly – here’s why for Digital Spy, April ’21

Give The ‘NHS Rainbow’ Back To The LGBT Community for HuffPost, April ’21

Disabled people say they feel excluded from Clubhouse for Business Insider, April ’21

Disabled Women are Targets for Domestic Abuse for Restless Network, April ’21

Line of Duty’s treatment of Terry shows how common ableism is for Metro UK, April ’21

A Love Letter to the Undiagnosed for The Endometriosis Foundation, March ’21

Introducing The Unwritten Disability and Abuse Survey for The Unwritten, March ’21

Disabled women still don’t have financial freedom. Here’s why for The Flock, March ’21

What it Feels Like… to Nearly Die From Sepsis for Metro UK, March ’21

Working From Bed Isn’t Lazy: How Disabled People Have Benefited From The Move To WFH for Raise The Bar, March ’21

Actor James Moore on Why Adults with Cerebral Palsy are “Second Class Citizens” for The Unwritten, March ’21

Working From Bed Isn’t Lazy – It’s Accessible for Healthline, March ’21

It’s Okay If Women Don’t Want To Share Their Trauma for Huffpost UK, March ’21

Include Disabled People in Your Feminism This IWD and Beyond for The Unwritten, March ’21

It’s Not Okay to Ask Why Someone is Getting The Vaccine for Huffpost, March ’21

Please Stop Killing Us for The Unwritten, February ’21

‘I’m Not Here For The Warm and Fuzzies’: The UK Stars Of Disability TikTok for Huffpost January ’21

Ruth Madeley’s appearance on Celebrity Best Home Cook fills a major gap in disabled visibility for Digital Spy, January

Working From Home Levels the Playing Field for Disabled People. Why are Businesses so Intent on Returning to the Office? For Rooted in Rights, January ’21

Review of Silenced: The Hidden Story of Disabled Britain for Stylist, January ’21

Free school meals private contractor refuses to cater for children with dietary requirements for The Unwritten, January ’21

6 simple tweaks to make working from home with migraine work for Healthline, January ’21


One hire won’t fix your diversity problem for Open Democracy, December ’20

Why Ruth Madeley’s #DisabilityOptIn Campaign is Important for Conscious Being, December ’20

Is Your Social Media Campaign Accessible to Everyone? for Scope’s The Big Hack, December’ 20

How To Make Your Online Organising And Activism Meetings Accessible for Act Build Change, November ’20

How A Twist On Gratitude Journaling Helped My Recovery for The Temper, November ’20

New lockdown restrictions are forcing disabled people to make a choice between health and career for The Independent, November ’20

After disabled people were left to die, I’m terrified of a second Coronavirus wave for Metro UK, November ’20

The Dark Side of a Decade of Instagram for Metro, October ’20

As a disabled person, my healthcare has been forgotten in the pandemic for Stylist, September ’20

Disabled People Are Anxious About Returning To Work. Do Not Forget Us for HuffPost, September ’20

Lockdown has spawned a boom in controversial selling schemes for Metro UK, September ’20

The Complexities of “Passing” as Nondisabled for Rooted in Rights, September ’20

I Could Only Embrace Being a Writer After I Got Sober for The Temper, September ’20

Disabled People Share Fears For Recession for Metro UK, August ’20

Why I Go To Hospital Appointments Alone for Stylist, July ’20

Food Poverty is Even Tougher When You Have a Food Intolerance for Metro UK, July ’20

Where Are The Disabled Facebook Avatars? for Folks at Pillpack, June ’20

Will I be Left to Die in a Second Coronavirus wave? for The Doe, June ’20

The Pandemic is Putting Mental Health Care at Risk for Bella Caledonia, June ’20

To my post-menopausal body… I’ve learnt to love you for your resilience for Metro UK, June ’20

J.K. Rowling’s Attack on the Trans Community Was Deplorable, but So Was Glorifying Her Abuser for WMC Fbomb, June ’20

JK Rowling Doesn’t Speak for Abuse Survivors for HuffPost, June ’20

365 Days on Netflix is a deeply problematic – and worse – 50 Shades clone for Digital Spy, June ’20

Trump’s Dangerous Drug of Choice for The Progressive, May ’20

We Cannot Neglect the Health Needs of Chronically Ill and Disabled People During the Pandemic for Rooted in Rights, May ’20

Please don’t hoard Hydroxychloroquine because Trump claims it cures Covid-19 for Metro UK, May ’20

It Shouldn’t Be Dangerous To Share Disabled Experiences Online for Rooted in Rights, May ’20

How Almost Dying from Sepsis Changed My Relationship with Shaving for Folks at Pillpack, May ’20

The Coronavirus Shutdown Puts People Using Birth Control And Contraception At Risk for Metro UK, April ’20

Working And Studying At Home Shouldn’t Be Pandemic- Only Accommodations for Rooted in Rights, March ’20

Why Chronically Ill And Disabled People Are Furious About Coronavirus for Folks at Pillpack, March ’20

As A Recovering Alcoholic I Found Watching Love Is Blind Uncomfortable for Metro UK, March ’20

I Chose To Have A Hysterectomy, But It Still Hurts That I Can’t Have Kids for Metro UK, March ’20

When Someone Says They Are Disabled, Believe Them for Folks at Pillpack, February ’20

Brexit is Already Blocking Access to Birth Control for Rooted in Rights, January ’20

Doctor Who Has Always Been Political for Digital Spy, January ’20


How My Dog Brought Me Closer To My Neighbours for Stylist, December ’19

The DWP Christmas Bonus Is An Insult To Disabled People for Metro UK December ’19

We Should Be Helping Boomers To Understand Instead of Scorning Them for The Dallas Observer, December ’19

How Can I Be Visibly Bisexual? for Diva Magazine, December ’19

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Precum for O.School, December ’19

6 Reasons Your Period Flow Is Lighter Than Normal for O.School, October ’19

What Everyone Needs To Know About Sexual Consent for O.School, September ’19

I’m Not Clumsy, I’m Resilient for Metro UK, September ’19

How Getting A Puppy Saved My Mental Health for Folks at Pillpack, September ’19

What Queer Eye Got Wrong About Disability for Folks at Pillpack August ’19

Even In Game Of Thrones’ Fantasy World Disabled People Aren’t Good Enough for Metro UK,  May ’19

My Extreme Periods Drove Me To A Hysterectomy – I Resent Not Being Taught What Was ‘Normal’ for Metro UK, March ’19

British Soaps Are Paving The Way For Disability Representation for Metro UK, January ’19

Why Cast Bryan Cranston As A Quadriplegic Man When Disabled Actors Are Queuing Up For Roles? for Metro UK, January ’19


I Spoke Up and Got Help With My Mental Health – But The NHS Failed Me for iNews, September ’18

Doctor Who’s dyspraxic character Ryan marks the first time I’ve seen my disability represented properly on TV for iNews, October ’18

My Lupus Diagnosis Could’ve Come A Lot Sooner If Doctors Had Believed Me For Metro UK, May ’18

How Chronic Illness And Mental Health Are Inextricably Linked For Metro UK, May ’18

Yes, Extroverts Like Peter Andre Can Have Anxiety Too for Huffington Post UK, March ’18


The Anxious Extroverts Guide To Christmas Parties for Metro UK, December ’17

Your Guide To Doing Secret Santa Right – And Getting A Gift In Return for Metro UK, December ’17

An Open Letter to my Depression for Metro UK, September ’17

I Didn’t Realise I Could Be Bisexual Until I was 22 – Here’s Why for Metro UK, August ’17

Why a Female Doctor Really Matters to Young Girls for Metro UK, July ’17

Why Are Men Suddenly Driving The Handmaid’s Tale? for Metro UK, July ’17

It’s Okay To Not Want To ‘Keep Calm And Carry On’ for iNews, June ’17

I Live Tweeted My Hysterectomy – Here’s What I Learned for Ask Me About My Uterus, May ’17

#Uterexit – The Story Of My Hysterectomy from my blog, May ’17

How the LGBT+ Community Stigmatises Bisexuality for The Queerness, April ’17

In Defence Of Trigger Warnings from my blog, March ’17

He Wasn’t In Love With Me for Huffington Post UK, March ’17

When Twitter Went From A Safe Haven To A Prison from my blog, March ’17

The Finality of Hysterectomy for Ask Me About My Uterus, January ’17

The Day I Didn’t Die for Femsplain, January ’17

Friendship Outside Of The Box from my blog, January ’17


10 Uses For My Body After Hysterectomy for Ask Me About My Uterus, December ’16

How Trump Can Say All Those Things from my blog, October ’16

Why I Wont Stop Writing About My Vagina for Ask Me About My Uterus, September ’16

My Coral Lipstick Got Me Through My Breakdowns But Now I’m Cheating On It for The Tempest, September ’16

Is my Friend Still Bisexual? A Handy Guide for The Establishment, August ’16

Live Blogging My Period for Ask Me About My Uterus, August ’16

I’m 27 And Want a Hysterectomy. No, I’m Not Naive. for Ask Me About My Uterus, August ’16

You’re My Thinspo for Femsplain, June ’16

Cervical Smear And HPV Q&A from my blog, May ’16

Why Remus Lupin Is My Chronic Illness Hero for Hello Giggles, March ’16

My Experience With The Mirena Coil from my blog, March ’16


What Selena Gomez Taught Me About My Chronic Illness for Hello Giggles, November ’15

Disabled People Do Not Need Your Validation for The F Word, April ’15