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Disabled Britain: Doing It For Ourselves

I guest edited a week-long series highlighting disabled people’s stories for The Daily Mirror.

The Unwritten

I’m the founder and editor-in-chief of The Unwritten, a platform for disabled people to share their authentic stories without worrying about being turned into inspo or trauma porn.


All my articles and Op-Eds have been split into categories below for ease of reading. I’m currently a disability rights columnist at The Daily Mirror and freelance with many nationals and indies. All my pieces from 2022 and 2023 are here, I’ll be updating my 2024 work periodically.


The Big Issue: Disabled people on benefits aren’t to blame for UK’s recession – the Tories are

The Big Issue: Tories want to make UK better for disabled people. It counts for nothing if we can’t survive winter

BBC Access All: The Disability Action Plan Explained

Big Issue: Disabled people are again missing out on extra cost of living support – it’s cruel and embarrassing

Big Issue: Poverty is even harder if you’re disabled and from the North East. Believe me, I’m both

Big Issue: Paralympian Hannah Cockroft is right – Britain is a scary place for disabled people

Big Issue: Tories want you to think the poor, disabled people and Carol Vorderman are the enemy. They’re lying

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