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New lockdown restrictions are forcing disabled people to make a choice between health and career for The Independent, November ’20
After disabled people were left to die, I’m terrified of a second Coronavirus wave for Metro UK, November ’20
As a disabled person, my healthcare has been forgotten in the pandemic for Stylist, September ’20
Disabled People Are Anxious About Returning To Work. Do Not Forget Us for HuffPost, September ’20
Lockdown has spawned a boom in controversial selling schemes for Metro UK, September ’20
Will I be Left to Die in a Second Coronavirus wave? for The Doe, June ’20
The Pandemic is Putting Mental Health Care at Risk for Bella Caledonia, June ’20
Trump’s Dangerous Drug of Choice for The Progressive, May ’20
We Cannot Neglect the Health Needs of Chronically Ill and Disabled People During the Pandemic for Rooted in Rights, May ’20
Please don’t hoard Hydroxychloroquine because Trump claims it cures Covid-19 for Metro UK, May ’20
The Coronavirus Shutdown Puts People Using Birth Control And Contraception At Risk for Metro UK, April ’20
Working And Studying At Home Shouldn’t Be Pandemic- Only Accommodations for Rooted in Rights, March ’20
Why Chronically Ill And Disabled People Are Furious About Coronavirus for Folks at Pillpack, March ’20

Disability and Chronic Illness

People Think I’m Faking my Chronic Pain – I Blame TV for Metro, October ’20
The Complexities of “Passing” as Nondisabled for Rooted in Rights, September ’20
Disabled People Share Fears For Recession for Metro UK, August ’20
Why I Go To Hospital Appointments Alone for Stylist, July ’20
Food Poverty is Even Tougher When You Have a Food Intolerance for Metro UK, July ’20
Where Are The Disabled Facebook Avatars? for Folks at Pillpack, June ’20
It Shouldn’t Be Dangerous To Share Disabled Experiences Online for Rooted in Rights, May ’20
When Someone Says They Are Disabled, Believe Them for Folks at Pillpack, February ’20
The DWP Christmas Bonus Is An Insult To Disabled People for Metro UK December ’19
I’m Not Clumsy, I’m Resilient for Metro UK, September ’19
What Queer Eye Got Wrong About Disability for Folks at Pillpack August ’19
Even In Game Of Thrones’ Fantasy World Disabled People Aren’t Good Enough for Metro UK,  May ’19
British Soaps Are Paving The Way For Disability Representation for Metro UK, January ’19
Why Cast Bryan Cranston As A Quadriplegic Man When Disabled Actors Are Queuing Up For Roles? for Metro UK, January ’19
Doctor Who’s dyspraxic character Ryan marks the first time I’ve seen my disability represented properly on TV for iNews, October ’18
Stephen Hawking Takes Jeremy Hunt To The High Court for The Nopebook, May ’18
My Lupus Diagnosis Could’ve Come A Lot Sooner If Doctors Had Believed Me For Metro UK, May ’18
Lupus Wasn’t Stopping Me From Getting To My Sister’s Hen Do for The Nopebook, May ’18
Why Remus Lupin Is My Chronic Illness Hero for Hello Giggles, March ’16
What Selena Gomez Taught Me About My Chronic Illness for Hello Giggles, November ’15
Disabled People Do Not Need Your Validation for The F Word, April ’15

Mental Health

How Getting A Puppy Saved My Mental Health for Folks at Pillpack, September ’19
I Spoke Up and Got Help With My Mental Health – But The NHS Failed Me for iNews, September ’18
How Chronic Illness And Mental Health Are Inextricably Linked For Metro UK, May ’18
Yes, Extroverts Like Peter Andre Can Have Anxiety Too for Huffington Post UK, March ’18
The Anxious Extroverts Guide To Christmas Parties for Metro UK, December ’17
An Open Letter to my Depression for Metro UK, September ’17
The Day I Didn’t Die for Femsplain, January ’17


Sexuality and Sex

How Can I Be Visibly Bisexual? for Diva Magazine, December ’19
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Precum for O.School, December ’19
What Everyone Needs To Know About Sexual Consent for O.School, September ’19
When Your Body Doesn’t Love Sex As Much As You for The Nopebook, June ’18
Cat Person And The Culture Of Bad Sex for The Nopebook, December ’17
I Didn’t Realise I Could Be Bisexual Until I was 22 – Here’s Why for Metro UK, August ’17
Forty Two Rats In A Skin Suit: Or How Men On Tinder Are Terrible Banter for The Nopebook, July ’17
How the LGBT+ Community Stigmatises Bisexuality for The Queerness, April ’17

Reproductive and Menstrual Health

To my post-menopausal body… I’ve learnt to love you for your resilience for Metro UK, June ’20
I Chose To Have A Hysterectomy, But It Still Hurts That I Can’t Have Kids for Metro UK, March ’20
Brexit is Already Blocking Access to Birth Control for Rooted in Rights, January ’20
6 Reasons Your Period Flow Is Lighter Than Normal for O.School, October ’19
My Extreme Periods Drove Me To A Hysterectomy – I Resent Not Being Taught What Was ‘Normal’ for Metro UK, March ’19
I Live Tweeted My Hysterectomy – Here’s What I Learned for Ask Me About My Uterus, May ’17
The Finality of Hysterectomy for Ask Me About My Uterus, January ’17
10 Uses For My Body After Hysterectomy for Ask Me About My Uterus, December ’16
Why I Wont Stop Writing About My Vagina for Ask Me About My Uterus, September ’16
Live Blogging My Period for Ask Me About My Uterus, August ’16
I’m 27 And Want a Hysterectomy. No, I’m Not Naive. for Ask Me About My Uterus, August ’16
#Uterexit – The Story Of My Hysterectomy from my blog, May ’17
Cervical Smear And HPV Q&A from my blog, May ’16
My Experience With The Mirena Coil from my blog, March ’16


Feminism and Pop Culture

The Dark Side of a Decade of Instagram for Metro, October ’20
J.K. Rowling’s Attack on the Trans Community Was Deplorable, but So Was Glorifying Her Abuser for WMC Fbomb, June ’20
JK Rowling Doesn’t Speak for Abuse Survivors for HuffPost, June ’20
365 Days on Netflix is a deeply problematic – and worse – 50 Shades clone for Digital Spy, June ’20
How Almost Dying from Sepsis Changed My Relationship with Shaving for Folks at Pillpack, May ’20
As A Recovering Alcoholic I Found Watching Love Is Blind Uncomfortable for Metro UK, March ’20
Doctor Who Has Always Been Political for Digital Spy, January ’20
We Should Be Helping Boomers To Understand Instead of Scorning Them for The Dallas Observer, December ’19
Brewdog Pink IPA Isn’t Just A Marketing Ploy for The Nopebook, March ’18
Your Guide To Doing Secret Santa Right – And Getting A Gift In Return for Metro UK, December ’17
I Tried The App That Shows Men We Look Different Without Makeup So You Don’t Have To for The Nopebook, November ’17
Stop Making Me Relive My Sexual Assault On Social Media for The Nopebook, October ’17
Women Only Train Carriages Are Not The Answer for The Nopebook, August ’17
The GOP Can’t Ban Abortion, But HB214 Will Restrict Access For Many for The Nopebook, August ’17
Why a Female Doctor Really Matters to Young Girls for Metro UK, July ’17
Why Are Men Suddenly Driving The Handmaid’s Tale? for Metro UK, July ’17
The West Wing Taught Me Everything I Know About US Politics for The Nopebook July ’17
Kesha’s ‘Praying’ Is Heartbreakingly Beautiful for The Nopebook, July ’17
Pointing Out A Sexist Stereotype Doesn’t Excuse Sexism, Jumanji for The Nopebook, July ’17
Pockets Are A Tool Of The Patriarchy for The Nopebook, June ’17
In Defence Of Trigger Warnings from my blog, March ’17
How Trump Can Say All Those Things from my blog, October ’16


Personal Essays

I Could Only Embrace Being a Writer After I Got Sober for The Temper, September ’20
How My Dog Brought Me Closer To My Neighbours for Stylist, December ’19
On End Of Year Achievements from my blog, January ’19
It’s Okay To Not Want To ‘Keep Calm And Carry On’ for iNews, June ’17
He Wasn’t In Love With Me for Huffington Post UK, March ’17
When Twitter Went From A Safe Haven To A Prison from my blog, March ’17
You’re My Thinspo for Femsplain, June ’16
My Coral Lipstick Got Me Through My Breakdowns But Now I’m Cheating On It for The Tempest, September ’16
Friendship Outside Of The Box from my blog, January ’17