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Disabled Britain: Doing It For Ourselves

I guest edited a week-long series highlighting disabled people’s stories for The Daily Mirror.

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All my articles and Op-Eds have been split into categories below for ease of reading. I’m currently a disability rights columnist at The Daily Mirror and freelance with Verywell Health and Stylist among other places.


Glamour: As a pro-choice, disabled woman, I’m torn over why late terminations are legal if the foetus is potentially disabled

The Daily Mirror: Disabled Brits live in fear of rolling winter blackouts as ministers won’t promise help

Verywell Health: The Destruction of Twitter Is Disastrous for Disabled People

The Daily Mirror: Jeremy Hunt vows to protect disabled people – but those who can’t work suffer again

The Daily Mirror: Matt Hancock doesn’t get to use his dyslexia to redeem himself in the jungle

The Daily Mirror: Disabled workers earn £3,700 less each year – the government must close the wage gap

Stylist: Getting Sober Helped me Become the Person I was Always Supposed to be

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