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Rosie Jones Channel 4 documentary review: Doesn’t justify its sickening title for The iPaper (digital and print), July 23

Why Disability Pride Month is a vital celebration of what it means to be disabled for Glamour UK, July 23

Rosie Jones and the R-word guest on the BBC Access All Podcast, July 23

The R-word- reclaimed or still an insult? guest on D&I Spy Podcast, July 23

‘Rosie Jones’ documentary should be renamed – it risks doing more harm than good’ for The Mirror, July 23

Rosie Jones faces backlash after using ableist slur in new documentary for The Mirror, July 23

When is reality TV going to catch up with reality? for Cosmopolitan UK, June 23

Dangerous coverage of ADHD means women like me don’t feel like we can ask for help for Glamour, May 23

The Coronation was an attempt to appease struggling class – we can’t let it be for The Mirror, May 23

A Kind of Spark shows importance of authentic neurodivergent stories for Radio Times, April 23

A Kind of Spark’s reception shows how important authentic disabled representation is for The Daily Mirror, April 23

BBC’s A Kind Of Spark is groundbreaking in its portrayal of autistic women for Digital Spy, March 23

Pregnancy crisis centres are dangerously manipulating people against abortions for Glamour UK, March 23

Disabled people deserve to be able to find books about us easily in bookshops for The Daily Mirror, February 23

January cover interview with Caprice-Kwai Ambersley: ‘I want to be the representation I didn’t have when I was younger’ for Glamour Magazine (digital), January 23

We’re told to be born with a womb is to suffer’: Rebel Bodies is a crucial deep-dive into the gender health gap for Glamour, January 23


Way disabled people are treated in The Traitors shows ableist attitudes are still alive for The Daily Mirror, December 22

How pro-life campaigners hijacked Heidi Crowter’s fight against aborting disabled foetuses for The iPaper, November 22

The Destruction of Twitter Is Disastrous for Disabled People for Verywell Health, November 22

Matt Hancock doesn’t get to use his dyslexia to redeem himself in the jungle for The Daily Mirror, November 22

Matt Hancock going in I’m a Celeb Jungle is a kick in the teeth to disabled people for The Daily Mirror, November 22

The Treatment of Fetterman Shows Why There Are So Few Disabled Officials for VeryWell Health, October 22

Why Channel 4’s Disability & Abortion: The Hardest Choice documentary is a hard but important watch Essential Watch for Stylist, August 22

Why You Shouldn’t be so Harsh on Rob Zombie’s The Munsters Reboot for Film Stories, July 22

Meet the Disabled Influencers Challenging Ableism and Stereotypes for The Daily Mirror, July 22

Twitter Means Too Much to Disabled People to Abandon for The Spill, May 22

Cerrie Burnell on Why Everyone Deserves to See Themselves in Fairytales for The Unwritten, May 22

Ghosts: Celebrating a British Comedy Breakout Success for Whynow, February 22

How Pam And Tommy Exploits Pamela Anderson All Over Again for Whynow, February 22


Kissing is More Than Just Sexual: Why I Don’t Think it Should be Banned on Too Hot to Handle for Killing Kittens, September 21

How To Watch The Tokyo Paralympics – And How Not To, Please for Huffpost UK, August 21

Why the Channel 4 Paralympics Advertising is Angering Disabled People for The Unwritten, August 21

Is the British TV industry finally facing its #MeToo moment? for The Flock, July 21

Britney’s account of forced contraception is all too real for disabled people for The Flock, June 21

Adena El-Amin, The Bold Type – 50 best LGBTQ+ TV characters since the Stonewall riots for Digital Spy digital magazine, June 21

Glow Up season 3 is a groundbreaking piece of telly – here’s why for Digital Spy, April 21

Line of Duty’s treatment of Terry shows how common ableism is for Metro UK, April 21

Actor James Moore on Why Adults with Cerebral Palsy are “Second Class Citizens” for The Unwritten, March 21

‘I’m Not Here For The Warm and Fuzzies’: The UK Stars Of Disability TikTok for Huffpost January 21

Ruth Madeley’s appearance on Celebrity Best Home Cook fills a major gap in disabled visibility for Digital Spy, January 21

BBC documentary Silenced: The Hidden Story of Disabled Britain uncovers how disabled people were shut out of society for decades for Stylist, January 21


Until TV starts showing chronic pain accurately, I fear people will think I’m faking it for Metro UK, October 20

The Dark Side of a Decade of Instagram for Metro, October 20

Lockdown has spawned a boom in controversial selling schemes for Metro UK, September 20

J.K. Rowling’s Attack on the Trans Community Was Deplorable, but So Was Glorifying Her Abuser for WMC Fbomb, June 20

JK Rowling Doesn’t Speak for Abuse Survivors for HuffPost, June 20

365 Days on Netflix is a deeply problematic – and worse – 50 Shades clone for Digital Spy, June 20

As A Recovering Alcoholic I Found Watching Love Is Blind Uncomfortable for Metro UK, March 20

Doctor Who Has Always Been Political for Digital Spy, January 20


What Queer Eye Got Wrong About Disability for Folks at Pillpack August 19

Even In Game Of Thrones’ Fantasy World Disabled People Aren’t Good Enough for Metro UK,  May 19

British Soaps Are Paving The Way For Disability Representation for Metro UK, January 19

Why Cast Bryan Cranston As A Quadriplegic Man When Disabled Actors Are Queuing Up For Roles? for Metro UK, January 19

2018 and Earlier

Doctor Who’s dyspraxic character Ryan marks the first time I’ve seen my disability represented properly on TV for iNews, October 18

Why a Female Doctor Really Matters to Young Girls for Metro UK, July 17

Why Are Men Suddenly Driving The Handmaid’s Tale? for Metro UK, July 17

Why Remus Lupin Is My Chronic Illness Hero for Hello Giggles, March ’16

What Selena Gomez Taught Me About My Chronic Illness for Hello Giggles, November 15