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BBC’s A Kind Of Spark is groundbreaking in its portrayal of autistic women for Digital Spy, March 23

Woman claims ‘Premier Inn would’ve left me to die in fire because I’m a wheelchair user’ for The Daily Mirror, March 23

The Best Fiction Books by Disabled Authors Coming in 2023 for The Unwritten, March 23

The Best Non-Fiction and Poetry Books by Disabled Authors Coming in 2023 for The Unwritten, March 23

Pregnancy crisis centres are dangerously manipulating people against abortions for Glamour UK, March 23

The government’s exclusion of menopause leave in the Equality Act proves it is already failing disabled women for Stylist, February 23

January cover interview with Caprice-Kwai Ambersley: ‘I want to be the representation I didn’t have when I was younger’ for Glamour Magazine (digital), January 23

A more equitable future: Diversity, inclusion and belonging in the UK workplace, 2022 report (pages 85-89) for Indeed UK, January 23

We’re told to be born with a womb is to suffer’: Rebel Bodies is a crucial deep-dive into the gender health gap for Glamour, January 23


How pro-life campaigners hijacked Heidi Crowter’s fight against aborting disabled foetuses for The iPaper, November 22

Disabled Brits live in fear of rolling winter blackouts as ministers won’t promise help for The Daily Mirror, November 22

Getting Sober Helped me Become the Person I was Always Supposed to be for Stylist, November ’22

I’m Blind but Hotel Kicked us out as I “Didn’t Look Disabled” for The Daily Mirror (print), November 22

Why Channel 4’s Disability & Abortion: The Hardest Choice documentary is a hard but important watch Essential Watch for Stylist, August 22

Meet the Disabled Influencers Challenging Ableism and Stereotypes for The Daily Mirror, July 22

IWD2022: Disabled women have to be strong all year. We want to be soft too for The iPaper, March 22

How Our Fave Disabled Female Activists Deal with the Bullshit of the World for The Unwritten, March 22

Ghosts: Celebrating a British Comedy Breakout Success for Whynow, February 22

How to Safely Double Mask for Verywell Health, January 22

Over 100 Scientists Call for ‘Vaccines-Plus’ COVID-19 Strategy for Verywell Health, January 22


FDA Approves Virtual Reality Device to Treat Chronic Pain for Verywell Health, December 21

90% Of People With Endometriosis Report Not Being Believed by Doctors and Family for Verywell Health, December 21

One Year On for The Unwritten, December 21

Uber Is Being Sued by Justice Department for Overcharging Disabled People for Verywell Health, November 21

What it’s Like to go Through a Chemical Menopause, for Verywell Health, October 21

I spent 15 Years in Pain – Here’s What I Learned About the Gender Pain gap, for Verywell Health, October 21

Disability, delays and disadvantage: the reality behind NHS waiting lists for The Flock, October 21

What Long COVID Awareness Means for People With Chronic Illnesses for Verywell Health, September 21

ACLU Lawsuit:  Banning Masks in Schools Harms Disabled Students for Verywell Health, September 21

Spectrum 10k: Why Some Autistic People Are Hesitant About the New Autism Study for Verywell Health, September 21

OnlyFans Suspends Explicit Content Ban, But Disabled Users Still Feel Betrayed for Verywell Health, August 21

Can ‘WeThe15’ Campaign Help Disabled People? The Disability Community Isn’t So Sure for Verywell Health, August 21

How To Watch The Tokyo Paralympics – And How Not To, Please for Huffpost UK, August 21

Some Disabled People Say Twitter’s New ‘Accessible’ Design Is Inaccessible for Verywell Health, August 21

Why the Channel 4 Paralympics Advertising is Angering Disabled People for The Unwritten, August 21

The government’s Disability Strategy leaves a lot to be desired for The Flock, July 21

Is the British TV industry finally facing its #MeToo moment? for The Flock, July 21

This Is Not Freedom Day for Vulnerable Disabled People Like Me for The Spill, July 21

Benefits and disability: ‘I’ll never cohabit again, to protect myself’ for BBC News, July 21

Managing Migraines for The Guardian (Print), July 21

Britney’s account of forced contraception is all too real for disabled people for The Flock, June 21

Disabled people miss out on millions in ESA benefits – but not for want of trying for Left Foot Forward, June 21

Glow Up season 3 is a groundbreaking piece of telly – here’s why for Digital Spy, April 21

Disabled people say they feel excluded from Clubhouse for Business Insider, April 21

Disabled Women are Targets for Domestic Abuse for The Restless Network, April ’21

Disabled women still don’t have financial freedom. Here’s why for The Flock, March 21

Actor James Moore on Why Adults with Cerebral Palsy are “Second Class Citizens” for The Unwritten, March 21

‘I’m Not Here For The Warm and Fuzzies’: The UK Stars Of Disability TikTok for Huffpost January 21

BBC documentary Silenced: The Hidden Story of Disabled Britain uncovers how disabled people were shut out of society for decades for Stylist, January 21


Why Ruth Madeley’s #DisabilityOptIn Campaign is Important for Conscious Being, December 20

The Dark Side of a Decade of Instagram for Metro, October ’20

As a disabled person, my healthcare has been forgotten in the pandemic for Stylist, September 20

Disabled People Are Anxious About Returning To Work. Do Not Forget Us for HuffPost, September 20

Lockdown has spawned a boom in controversial selling schemes for Metro UK, September 20

Food Poverty is Even Tougher When You Have a Food Intolerance for Metro UK, July 20

Trump’s Dangerous Drug of Choice for The Progressive, May 20

We Cannot Neglect the Health Needs of Chronically Ill and Disabled People During the Pandemic for Rooted in Rights, May 20

The Coronavirus Shutdown Puts People Using Birth Control And Contraception At Risk for Metro UK April 20

Brexit is Already Blocking Access to Birth Control for Rooted in Rights, January 20

2019 & Older

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