Disability Rights

Here is where you can find all my Op-Eds and features about disability rights.


Matt Hancock Going on I’m a Celeb is a Kick in the Teeth for Disabled People for The Daily Mirror, November 22

Purple Tuesday Needs to Show Real Commitment to Disabled People for The Daily Mirror, November 22

Disabled People Number Nearly 14 Million in the UK – They Deserve Their own Minister for The Daily Mirror, October 22

Disabled People Have Been Ignored by Rishi Sunak and They Will die This Winter for The Daily Mirror, October 22

The Tories Will Never Have to “Get It” for The Daily Mirror, October 22

The State Of This: How Much is the New PM Going to Screw Disabled People? (with Cath Poucher) for The Unwritten, September 22

Why Channel 4’s Disability & Abortion: The Hardest Choice documentary is a hard but important watch Essential Watch for Stylist, August 22

The Tories are Gambling with Disabled Lives via a Loophole – We Can’t let Them get Away With it for The Daily Mirror, August 22

We Deserve to Know What the DWP is Hiding About Benefits for The Independent, August 22

Rishi Sunak’s NHS No-Show Fines Are a Direct Attack on Disabled People for The Spill, August 22

Rishi Sunak’s £10 Fine for Missing GP Appointments Will Penalise Disabled People for The Daily Mirror, August ’22

Disabled People Don’t Need Your Outrage – we Need you to Fight With us for Change for The Guardian, July 22

Assuming Someone is Faking a Disability to Jump Queues is Discriminatory and Offensive for The Daily Mirror, July ’22

Introducing The Mirror’s Disabled Britain: Doing It For Ourselves series for The Daily Mirror, July 22

Ending masks and isolation will kill vulnerable people for The New Statesman, January 22


Disabled People Feel Left out of U.K. COVID-19 Plans—Again for Verywell Health, December 21

Uber Is Being Sued by Justice Department for Overcharging Disabled People for Verywell Health, November 21

Disability, delays and disadvantage: the reality behind NHS waiting lists for The Flock, October 21

It’s Ableist to Cut Pay of Work-From-Home Employees for Verywell Health, October 21

Some Disabled People Say Twitter’s New ‘Accessible’ Design Is Inaccessible for Verywell Health, August 21

In The Midst Of The Pandemic, Have Politicians Done Enough For Disabled People? for EachOther, July 21

Benefits and disability: ‘I’ll never cohabit again, to protect myself’ for BBC News, July 21

Disabled people miss out on millions in ESA benefits – but not for want of trying for Left Foot Forward, June ’21

Disabled people say they feel excluded from Clubhouse for Business Insider, April 21

Disabled people say they feel excluded from Clubhouse for Business Insider, April 21

Please Stop Killing Us for The Unwritten, February 21

BBC documentary Silenced: The Hidden Story of Disabled Britain uncovers how disabled people were shut out of society for decades for Stylist, January 21

Free school meals private contractor refuses to cater for children with dietary requirements for The Unwritten, January 21


Why Ruth Madeley’s #DisabilityOptIn Campaign is Important for Conscious Being, December 20

Is Your Social Media Campaign Accessible to Everyone? for Scope’s The Big Hack, December 20

How To Make Your Online Organising And Activism Meetings Accessible for Act Build Change, November 20

New lockdown restrictions are forcing disabled people to make a choice between health and career for The Independent, November 20

Disabled People Share Fears For Recession for Metro UK, August ’20

Please don’t hoard Hydroxychloroquine because Trump claims it cures Covid-19 for Metro UK, May 20

Working And Studying At Home Shouldn’t Be Pandemic- Only Accommodations for Rooted in Rights, March 20

Disabled Women Like me are Being Trapped in Abusive Relationships by Inadequate Benefits for Metro UK (published anonymously), March 20

When Someone Says They Are Disabled, Believe Them for Folks at Pillpack, February 20


The DWP Christmas Bonus Is An Insult To Disabled People for Metro UK December 19