Covid-19 & Pandemic

Here is where you will find all my pieces on the pandemic, working from home and how it’s affected disabled people.


NHS covid app closing next month, but pandemic is far from over for disabled people for The Daily Mirror, March 23

Lockdown files show how the Government let disabled people die for The Daily Mirror, March 23

DWP should have some clear resolutions and goals to help disabled people in 2023 for The Daily Mirror, January ’23


14 Ways the Tories shafted disabled people in 2022 for The Daily Mirror, December 22

Delay in the National Resilience Strategy terrifying for disabled people The Daily Mirror, December 22

Matt Hancock doesn’t get to use his dyslexia to redeem himself in the jungle for The Daily Mirror, November 22

Matt Hancock Going on I’m a Celeb is a Kick in the Teeth for Disabled People for The Daily Mirror, November 22

Disabled People Have Been Ignored by Rishi Sunak and They Will die This Winter for The Daily Mirror, October 22

‘It’s Just a Cold’ Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Serious for Verywell Health, March 22

Why Can’t We Just Let the Queen Rest? for Verywell Health, February 22

The End of Free LFTs is Terrifying for Vulnerable and Disabled People for The Flock, February 22

Lifting COVID-19 Restrictions in England Puts Disabled People in Danger for Verywell Health, February 22

Ending masks and isolation will kill vulnerable people for The New Statesman, January 22

Over 100 Scientists Call for ‘Vaccines-Plus’ COVID-19 Strategy for Verywell Health, January 22

Op-Ed: Disabled People Can’t Learn to Live With COVID for Verywell Health, January 22


Disabled People Feel Left out of U.K. COVID-19 Plans—Again for Verywell Health, December 21

Op-Ed: It’s OK to Prioritize Your Health Over Socializing During the Holidays for Verywell Health, December 21

Unvaccinated People Are Not Oppressed—They’re Dangerous for Verywell Health, November 21

It’s Unacceptable That Disabled People Still Can’t Access COVID Vaccines for Verywell Health, October 21

It’s Ableist to Cut Pay of Work-From-Home Employees for Verywell Health, October 21

What Long COVID Awareness Means for People With Chronic Illnesses for Verywell Health, September 21

ACLU Lawsuit:  Banning Masks in Schools Harms Disabled Students for Verywell Health, September 21

How the Pandemic Made Journalism More Accessible to me for Verywell Health, August 21

4 Things Disabled People Gained in the Pandemic and Don’t Want to Lose Now for Verywell Health, August 21

This Is Not Freedom Day for Vulnerable Disabled People Like Me for The Spill, July 21

In The Midst Of The Pandemic, Have Politicians Done Enough For Disabled People? for EachOther, July 21

Working From Bed Isn’t Lazy. It’s Accessible for Rooted in Rights, April 21

Working From Bed Isn’t Lazy: How Disabled People Have Benefited From The Move To WFH for Raise The Bar, March 21

Working From Bed Isn’t Lazy – It’s Accessible for Healthline, March 21

It’s Not Okay to Ask Why Someone is Getting The Vaccine for Huffpost, March 21

Please Stop Killing Us for The Unwritten, February 21

Working From Home Levels the Playing Field for Disabled People. Why are Businesses so Intent on Returning to the Office? For Rooted in Rights, January 21


New lockdown restrictions are forcing disabled people to make a choice between health and career for The Independent, November 20

After disabled people were left to die, I’m terrified of a second Coronavirus wave for Metro UK, November 20

As a disabled person, my healthcare has been forgotten in the pandemic for Stylist, September 20

Disabled People Are Anxious About Returning To Work. Do Not Forget Us for HuffPost, September 20

Lockdown has spawned a boom in controversial selling schemes for Metro UK, September 20

Disabled People Share Fears For Recession for Metro UK, August 20

Will I be Left to Die in a Second Coronavirus wave? for The Doe (anon), June 20

The Pandemic is Putting Mental Health Care at Risk for Bella Caledonia, June 20

Trump’s Dangerous Drug of Choice for The Progressive, May 20

We Cannot Neglect the Health Needs of Chronically Ill and Disabled People During the Pandemic for Rooted in Rights, May 20

Please don’t hoard Hydroxychloroquine because Trump claims it cures Covid-19 for Metro UK, May 20

The Coronavirus Shutdown Puts People Using Birth Control And Contraception At Risk for Metro UK, April 20

Working And Studying At Home Shouldn’t Be Pandemic- Only Accommodations for Rooted in Rights, March 20

Why Chronically Ill And Disabled People Are Furious About Coronavirus for Folks at Pillpack, March 20