Events, Workshops & Consultation

As part of my activism work, I’m regularly asked to speak publicly, provide workshops and consult on how businesses, especially media can become more accessible and inclusive. Please email if you’d like to work with me.

I chaired The Daily Mirror’s Disabled Britain panel at the Labour Party Conference in 2022. I have also spoken on many other panels including the above as part of Disabled Britain, the NEU Disabled member’s conference and The Student Publication Association’s National Conference (SPANC).

I have also facilitated workshops into making media and other industries more inclusive. The above is the Women in Journalism- Language Matters session which I hosted with Deputy Chair Genelle Aldred, which supported newsrooms and content creators in reframing how they portray disability. Other workshops include Reach Ability and NHS Black Country.

I am available for workshops and talks virtually and in person. Please be considerate that I have conditions that mean I have limited energy, so all events must be flexible.

I have also consulted on accessibility, diversity and inclusion. This includes being part of a report for Indeed UK: A more equitable future: Diversity, inclusion and belonging in the UK workplace, 2022 report (pages 85-89)

If you’d like to work with me on a similar project, please contact me.