I’m Rachel Charlton-Dailey, a freelance opinions writer based in the North East of England.

My expertise lies in opinion pieces, social commentary and personal essays. I write honestly about life with chronic illness and depression and my ongoing struggle with reproductive health. I am not afraid to speak my mind on feminist and LGBTQ+ issues and critically look at pop culture.

I regularly write for Metro, Rooted in Rights and Folks at Pillpack. My bylines also include Huffpost, iNews and Hello Giggles. You can see my full portfolio HERE

At the age of 28 I elected to have a hysterectomy, following a six year battle with reproductive health.  I live tweeted my operation and recovery using #uterexit. I also channelled my reproductive pain into poetry, my first poetry collection Phoenix: Notes on Pain is available on Kindle HERE.

In 2009 I began blogging as an escape from depression and since then my blog has appeared in many incarnations; a fashion blog, a feminist site, a love letter to the north east and a personal diary. I began freelancing in 2016.

When I’m not writing you can find me down the beach walking my sausage dog Rusty, pouring over tarot cards or curled up with a book somewhere.